About Buenos Aires

About Buenos Aires

ICGSE 2017 will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina in conjunction with ICSE 2017.


A populous metropolitan center in the south of the South America and capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is well known for its European-like architecture and cultural style. Its local cuisine is known for serving large and tasty portions of meat stakes, followed by long hours of leisure time in the evenings in small cafes, brewpubs, or tango houses. A charming mix of antique and modern buildings offers a welcoming atmosphere for those visiting or working.

The Puerto Madero Waterfront is a lovely neighborhood sitting by the Río la Plata riverbank and home of the UCA campus, where ICGSE will take place. Sheraton Buenos Aires Hotel & Conference Center is less than 10 minutes walking distance from UCA, and will be hosting ICSE main conference. Several tourist attractions are nearby or accessible by short bus rides to neighborhoods such as Palermo, Recoleta, and Boca. Check the ICSE webpage for tourist information.