Putting together Systems-of-Systems, Software Ecosystems and Distributed Software Development: What Comes Next?

We are pleased to present the joint panel with the SESoS/WDES workshop. [link to workshop page]. This joint section aims to offer both ICGSE and SESoS/WDES audiences the opportunity to discuss the new generation of systems that are distributed (e.g., ecosystems and systems-of-systems) and that have globally distributed teams. We gladly invite you to come learn what is ahead!

Panel Description:
Software Ecosystems (SECO), Systems-of-Systems (SoS) and Distributed Software Development (DSD) are often discussed in parallel, but DSD is of a different nature than the other two. Why are they then dealt with together? For example, topics such as how large SoS (composed of independently managed and largely autonomous and evolving subsystems) operate and how these are developed by distributed teams, occur together. In addition, how the software supply network affects distributed, large SoS that are based on common technological platforms forming ecosystems. In some sense, this extends the notion of DevOps to SoS. In this panel, we expect to identity research questions at the intersection of the three areas that need to be integrated, an unpacking of the alignments and misalignments among the three areas fueling the research questions, and possible future directions especially in the intersection of the three areas.


Daniela Damian
University of Victoria, Canada
ICGSE Panelist
Audris Mockus
University of Tennessee, USA
ICGSE Panelist

Note: SESoS/WDES to be confirmed soon