Registration Instructions

The ICGSE conference is a two-days collocated event with ICSE, the International Conference on Software Engineering. For registration, you need to pass through ICSE registration system here. The figure below illustrates the page you will see when accessing the registration page. Don’t worry! You are at the right location!

Once you access the registration site, you can register for ICGSE as well as other ICSE co located and parallel events at your choice. To register for ICGSE, at the 2 Day Co-Located Events category on the third page of the registration process, check the ICGSE – International Conference on Global Software Engineering (Details) box as indicated in the figure below.

Registration rates for ICGSE are as follows:

Note that early registration ends April 1st, 2017.

Note: If you are an author, please be advised that if no registration of at least one author is identified by the camera-ready submission due date, Feb 27, 2017, the paper will not be included in the Proceedings. No-shows will also prompt removing the paper from the Proceedings. Thus, if you are an author, please do enter the ID of your paper when registering so we can clear the registration requirements for your paper. Authors should receive their paper ID by email from IEEE Conference Publishing Services. For any problems, please contact the ICSE 2017 Proceedings Co-Chairs.

Looking forward to seeing you at ICGSE! If you have any questions or problems with registration please contact any of the ICGSE organizers. We will be pleased to help you.